Saturday, 30 May 2015

Early Morning Sunshine.......and Some Sad News.

It was nice to wake up with sunshine illuminating the house and a good morning for a longer than normal dog walk. A few token protests from Symphony (Ginger Beast) were soon overcome with doggy treats and we were off over St Andrews Fields, down through the set aside fields (new woodland minus the natural trees!) and back along the Great Central Walk (Ashlawn Cutting).

Some very SAD news has come to light that the local council planners have given planning permission for 80+ houses on the Ridgeway Farm. I believe that this was a "NIMBY" decision as none of the planning group live nearby. They cannot stand green open spaces and only comprehend concrete and bricks. What a legacy for our children and where will farm produced products be grown in future years? All I can say is I hope that the fleas of a thousand camels infect the pubic hair of all involved in this despicable decision, especially as 6000+ homes have planning permission a few mile down the road on a "brown field" site. This sums up my feelings and may it arrive on the committee table instead of tea and biscuits.

Soon to be concrete and bricks:

I need to cheer this post up, so below are some of the images taken this morning:

Looking over the Rainsbrook Valley

A different view over the Rainsbrook Valley

Light at the end of a "natural tunnel"

The entrance towards Rainsbrook Crematorium (and checkpoint charcoal)

You can't come in this way any more!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Symphony's Big Adventure!

Lathkill Dale (Guess Who?)

Symphony is now just over three years of age and it is fair to say that she is very "conservative" in her ways - she doesn't do change! She has never been camping in a tent before, so, before embarking on a longer stay, we tested the water with three days camping in the Peak District at Lathkill Dale Campsite. So, how did we fair? Did she eat the tent? Did she chew her way through the side walls in order to escape? Well, surprisingly, no she didn't - she was better behaved than at home! A few yaps and grumbles at night but no big problems! The camp site was almost deserted - only two tents, so she might have reacted if it had been busier or carried more noises. Below are some of our adventures along Lathkill Dale and Bradford Dale and resulted in a very tired Symphony (and Kevin & Heather!).

Home from Home

Symphony Enjoying Bradford Dale

A Hole! I must explore!

Hmmm! Boring!

At the End of My Tether!

Lathkill Dale

In a "reflective" mood!

Bradford Dale

Another Brick in the Wall? Bradford Dale

End of the Day! Lathkill Dale

Camp Site Oddity!

Us men always get a poor deal! Having to wash / shower in the washing up sinks was very difficult!

At Home on her settee - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Friday, 15 May 2015


Oil Seed Rape

My GP has suggested that I might like to embark on a little more exercise in order to reduce my blood pressure! So today, a longer than normal dog walk and a cycle ride to my GP's surgery to pick up a prescription for hypertensive medication. This post is a mixture of images from the walk and cycle.

Love it or hate it - Oil Seed Rape!

Green Alkanet

Red Campion


A peaceful, pastoral view!

The Lark Ascending