Thursday, 21 May 2015

Symphony's Big Adventure!

Lathkill Dale (Guess Who?)

Symphony is now just over three years of age and it is fair to say that she is very "conservative" in her ways - she doesn't do change! She has never been camping in a tent before, so, before embarking on a longer stay, we tested the water with three days camping in the Peak District at Lathkill Dale Campsite. So, how did we fair? Did she eat the tent? Did she chew her way through the side walls in order to escape? Well, surprisingly, no she didn't - she was better behaved than at home! A few yaps and grumbles at night but no big problems! The camp site was almost deserted - only two tents, so she might have reacted if it had been busier or carried more noises. Below are some of our adventures along Lathkill Dale and Bradford Dale and resulted in a very tired Symphony (and Kevin & Heather!).

Home from Home

Symphony Enjoying Bradford Dale

A Hole! I must explore!

Hmmm! Boring!

At the End of My Tether!

Lathkill Dale

In a "reflective" mood!

Bradford Dale

Another Brick in the Wall? Bradford Dale

End of the Day! Lathkill Dale

Camp Site Oddity!

Us men always get a poor deal! Having to wash / shower in the washing up sinks was very difficult!

At Home on her settee - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

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