Saturday, 25 July 2015

Around the Crem!

The new pond

This morning, the dog walk concentrated around the Rainsbrook Crematorium, Ashlawn Road, Rugby. The grass on St Andrews Fields was rather wet after yesterdays prolonged rain so Symphony Ginger Beast was restricted to the pavements! Below is a candid collection of today's images.

I've got a lovely bunch of......!

Symphony Ginger Beast Investigates!

I just love this tree!

Reflection and Remembrance

The New Pond

Pity about the barriers!

The Old Fishing Pond, which is overgrown, smelly and covered in algae.

I wouldn't want to do any of these in the old pond!

Checkpoint Charcoal!

Screens (trying to capture the green light)

The Drive

The [Precarious] "Stairway to Heaven"?

I couldn't resist these images of a precarious looking ladder reaching up the spire of St Andrews Parish Church in Rugby! Standing with some paperwork in my hand, I was asked by a passer-by what I was doing. My reply was that local estate agents had asked me to photograph the tower that was going to be converted into emergency housing. His reply was less than complimentary and he vowed to write to the town hall! Ooops! Naughty Kevin!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Early(ish) One Morning............................!

We are currently tidying and de-cluttering at home and Heather decided to try her luck at Dunchurch Car Boot, with a start of 0700hrs. Having loaded the car, I decided that Symphony could enjoy a cool, bright walk around the St Andrews Fields and Great Central Way ( she thought otherwise!), but was enticed with a few treats! It was a glorious but cool morning and I wished I had taken my DSLR, with many butterflies taking to the air - a subject I really must take more of.



The ground is rather dry!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

We're Back!

I'll be good, I will, I promise, I'll be really good! Said no Symphony (Ginger Beast) ever!

Actually we've been here all of the while, just not motivated to post! Below is posted a few images that took my fancy today!

My "goal" for today is........undecided!

Dramatic Early Skies



The "Grasslands"