Friday, 25 March 2016

Sunset over Bempton and Buckton

A walk with Symphony up Cliff Lane Bempton enabled me to capture this evenings sunset over the villages of Bempton and Buckton. Not bright but the colours are quite atmospheric.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Today, the sun shone!

Flamborough Headland from North Side, Bridlington.

Yesterday was horrid! It was more horrid than a horrid day could be! Thick fog, drizzle and a very cold breeze stayed with us all day. This morning promised to be similar, but the day improved rapidly and above all, the sun shone. I helped set up Heather on our market stall on Brid Market before heading down to North Side for a walk with Symphony on the beach.

Bridlington from north side

Refreshing the groynes!


Prior to today's budget, Osbourne and his cronies take selfies while taking time out in Bridlington this morning!

Returning home, Symphony took up position in the garden to watch for birds (to chase!), a skill she was taught by her friend Marty, back in Rugby!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

What a difference a day makes............................!

The Gansey Girl

Today is Bridlington market day and we manned our greetings card stall hoping for a windfall of sales! Hmmmmm! We can dream! Apart from a few wayward and heavy wintry showers, the sun shone with some warmth if you were sheltered from the challenging blow. Totally different from yesterdays horrid rain! The seas were still quite heavy, but with the sun shining, moods were much improved. While taking Symphony for her walks around the harbour, it would of been rude not to use the camera!

North Side Bridlington

The Gansey Girl, Bridlington Harbour