Monday, 16 May 2016

Bridlington North Side

Symphony (Ginger Beast) aka Symphony (Salty Sea Dog)!

With low tide at Bridlington we headed to the beach on north side, below Sewerby Cliffs due to summer restrictions for dogs on beaches. Symphony needed a really good off the lead run and thoroughly enjoyed splashing around in the shallow water! It was already getting warm when we arrived just before 0800hrs and had the makings of an excellent late spring day. I also decided to have a play around and experiment in order to give several (in camera) images of Bridlington!

Symphony enjoying herself!

(Dramatic Setting)

Bridlington North Side (with a little experimentation!)



Reflecting on the moment!

Reorganising Bridlington!

Fish Eye


Water Colour

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Out and About.....!

I'm a soggy doggy!

We started our day at 0700 at St Oswald Church, Flamborough in order to celebrate Ascension Day with a service on top of the church tower! The church car park was blazoned with colour -

Ascension Day, St Oswald, Flamborough

There then followed a trip down to an industrial estate on the outskirts of Hull, where Heather spent some time investigating a greetings card warehouse, while Symphony and I investigated the sights and sounds of a very busy and noisy car park!

On our way back towards Bempton, we visited the fantastic expanses of Fraisthorpe Beach. Symphony was in her element, running for her ball and investigating the beech pools (she is scared of the actual sea - too noisy, tastes & smells funny and it chases her!).

Fraisthorpe Beach