Thursday, 18 August 2016

Goathland aka Aidensfield

Symphony wanting to be a police dog!

A pleasant few hours today was spent in Goathland, aka Aidensfield, in the popular Heartbeat TV series. New lands for Symphony who seemed more interested in a marathon "sniffathon"! I suppose, really, we were doing the "tourist" thing!

A rare image of yours truly with a "Ginger Beast" between my legs!

Checking out the "Scripps" Emporium!

And of course, the "Aidensfield Arms"

And on to the Goathland Station. Here Symphony wasn't at all sure about the noisy monsters breathing fire and smoke!

And back to Goathland

And finally, meeting the "locals"! Guess who decided that sheep poo was good to eat?!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bridlington North Side

"That's the way to do it!"

This morning we had a good run on the dog friendly part of the beach at Bridlington North Side, accompanied by Abigail who is at home from Durham University for a few weeks. Symphony Ginger Beast (or was she Salty the Sea Dog?) thoroughly enjoyed chasing her ball, in and out of the beach pools. A new game is to enter the pools which are deeper than the top of your boots and leave her ball for us to get! She has also discovered the art of rolling in the stranded seaweeds and at one point, chased after the gulls on the beach (thanks Marty!). Symphony loves the shallow pools but is still scared of the sea because it chases her, tastes and smells funny!

Along the way!

"Natural Patterns"